Saturday, April 20, 2013

"Hey Lucy, you're my best friend."

Today was another incredible day... the kind dreams are made of!  Our sweet baby Lucy joined our family today.  She is the 2nd little princess, joining our precious angel Hannah as granddaughter number 2.  She was born by c-section at 12:52 p.m.  There were lots of prayers said that all would go well!  She is the chubbiest grand baby yet...a sweet little round face, beating out cousin Eli by 3 whole ounces!  And she arrives just 7 weeks after our darling Eli.  We are in baby heaven around here!  To say that she is sweet is an understatement.  

We are all in love.  When jack held her for the first time, he said, "Hi Lucy, I'm your big brother Jack and I am going to take care of you"  Henry snuggled in and whispered, "Hey Lucy, you're my best friend"  How could a sister be any luckier?  She is adored by all and welcomed into this amazing world by a large and loving family.  Truly, we are all blessed!

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