Thursday, March 25, 2010

Grandson Jack


Yesterday my adorable grandson Jack came over for a few photos. He decided about 8 months ago that he didn't want to have his picture taken any more so every time I would get out the camera he would say, "no pictures mama"! Since I didn't want him to grow up hating photos, I didn't really take any for a long, long, time! I wanted to try some fun photos of him in a tie for a new promotion I am going to do called "ties and tutu's" and so I asked Alyssa if she thought he would be willing to do a few photos. He showed up at the studio all spiffed up and ready to roll, with promises of a Honda ride and a lawnmower ride when it was all over! He was wonderful and we got these darling photos of him! Just looking at them makes my heart melt! As far as I'm concerned, Jack is in a league of his own! Isn't that where every grandchild should be???


Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Baby Olivia and Big Sister Isabella


Today I had the pleasure of meeting Olivia and her family! She is lucky to join a family of 3 sisters and a very loving mom and dad! It was obvious how much they love and adore her!! It was so fun to be with her and capture her tiny newness.....she has beautiful eyes and lots of dark hair and was perfect in every way for her first photo shoot!

She is joined here by her big sister isabella who was very patient and sweet!

A Big Congratulations to the Green family!!!


Baby Kamryn

Two nights ago my wonderful nephew Bryan and his beautiful family stopped by for a visit! He has an amazing wife and three of the prettiest little girls in the world! They live in Moscow Idaho, and since I don't get the opportunity to see them much, I hadn't photographed his youngest since she was a newborn. I asked Kate if she thought we could get a few photos of Kamryn, her darling 8 month old baby girl...after all, it was evening and close to bedtime! Being the good sport she is, she said sure and out to the studio we went! Kamryn wasn't really in the mood....she was tired, but still, oh so beautiful! Luck smiled on us, and we got a couple of photos that captured this precious baby girl!!!